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The CITRIS Invention Lab supports faculty, student and community innovation by providing the knowledge, tools and support to rapidly design and prototype novel interactive products, embedded sensing systems and integrated mobile devices. We have a range of accessible digital fabrication equipment available.

Lab Overview

Read our flyer for an overview of the lab's goals.

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When is the lab open? Consult our Google Calendar.

When is the laser cutter available? Check the Laser Cutter Calendar. Click Here to learn how to reserve the laser cutter. (Old Laser Cutter Calendar - No longer used).

How can I sign up for safety training? Book your slot on the Safety Training Google Calendar.


Information on safe use of our equipment. Includes safety training, material cost, etc.

Why can't I login to the lab computers? You need to Synchronize your Calnet Passphrase.


We sell a number of frequently used electronic parts at cost to users of the invention lab. You have to have be on the roster of users for the semester and have paid your use fee to buy parts. We currently bill once at the end of the semester.

List of available parts (not everything may be in stock)

Lab managers: Sales form | Edit store database

Who Can Use The Lab?

The Invention Lab is still in beta testing. Currently, the following people have access:

  • Students currently enrolled in an invention lab course.
  • Alumni of invention lab courses.
  • Researchers who have applied for, and been selected for beta testing access.

If you are not on this list, please be patient. We are looking forward to expanding access soon.

The current fee is $125 per semester for courses & individual use, and $250 per semester for sponsored research projects. Please note that these fees currently apply to the beta testing period and may be subject to change.


Fall 2013

Spring 2013

Fall 2012