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You should prepare a 3-4 page draft of your paper. Other students in the class will read this draft and provide feedback on Monday 4/11.

For formatting instructions and templates, see the UIST authors' guide (if your paper has a significant user interface component) or the HCOMP AAAI Author Kit (if your paper tends towards theory or AI). If you discussed with staff that you will not submit to either venue, you are free to use either template.

Bring two printouts of your draft to class to give to other students.

For sections that are not yet complete, include information on what you plan to write, or what work remains to be done. Include figures in your draft! They do not need to be final - prototypes and sketches are very useful, too.


You can bring hardcopies to class or upload and link your draft below.

Kristal Curtis

Sally Ahn