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I used rturk, simple ruby library. It assumes using only ExternalQuestion, so I extend a class to QuestionForm XML format.

HIT on MTurk server

The task was a simple question: when do you working on MTurk? I gave only three options, after work, at work and it is my job, and others options. It was interesting that about half answered "it is my job."

To upload a question, QuesetionForm was used. It supports Formatted Content: XHTML but I didn't use it because I didn't need it. Furthermore, it doesn't support script tag so that it is impossible to validate data before submission.

HIT on external server

The second HIT asked workers to find a funny animal photo for kids. 5 of 24 are url of google search result. 5 of 24 are from the same domain. These results shows that people use shortcuts to minimize time spent.

I created single HTML file and uploaded it to ischool server. In contrast to the first assignment, I could validate some data (code from an example in rturk) with javascript.