Second Prototype

From CS294-84 Spring 2013
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The main point here is to give you another check-in before the end of the semester.

At this point, you should have a definite direction, know what's in scope and out of scope for the rest of the semester, and a plan to both implement and study your interactive system.

Final papers & demos (to me) on May 7 (or earlier).


You will have five minutes in class to present your progress and get feedback from others. Prepare slides for this. We recommend covering the following:

  • Reintroduce the overall vision and high-level goal of your project
  • Describe the key questions you addressed in your prototypes since the last presentation.
  • Show the prototypes. Live demos can be challenging. It's especially hard to demo while speaking - at most one out of ten people can do this effectively, most lose their audience. So consider showing pre-recorded video or a sequence of images that show what you've built/sketched/modeled. Alternatively, have one person demo and another speak.
  • Summarize your progress and describe what's next.


Your writeup should cover:

  • Describe Progress: any experiments performed, code written, hardware built.
  • Pictures/videos of the current state of any hardware you've built
  • Clear plan of what's next: how to get a working, demoable system that answers a research question in the next 4 weeks.

If you are further ahead, feel free to submit a paper draft as well.


Submit your slides and writeup here.