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About the class

Interactive Device Design (CS294-84/ME290U) covered 3D modeling and fabrication; electronics and circuit board design; sensing and actuation for interaction; embedded software development; wireless communication; and user interface programming. Students in this class spent 14 weeks designing, prototyping, and fabricating novel, wirelessly connected smart products.

Come join us to see what the student teams created!

Time & Location

2-3:30pm: Final Project Presentations in the Invention Lab (141 Sutardja Dai Hall)
3:30-5pm: Demonstrations, Snacks & Refreshments (3rd floor Atrium, Sutardja Dai Hall)

Directions to Sutardja Dai Hall The CITRIS Invention Lab (141 Sutardja Dai Hall): take the elevators down to the first floor, exit the elevator lobby to your left, then make a right down the hallway. Follow the map below.

Map-of-sdh.png Map-to-141.png

Projects (in presentation order)

Links to presentations

  • [1] Punch: A fully automated wine fermentation monitor that helps protect and polish your wines.
  • [2] MediCAL PILLAR: The Automatic Pill Dispenser.
  • [3] Remem: Instantly capture and share events as they happen; review events from multiple perspectives.
  • [4] SMART Bowl: An interactive bowl for storing personal items that reminds users to take their items with them before they leave home
  • [5] SmartSocket: A smart prosthetic socket that visualizes BLE-transmitted sensor data via a web client to help prosthetists make informed decisions when fitting patients with a prosthetic.
  • [6] StepSense:[1] A wearable system that restores sensation lost to sensory ataxia and allows patients to regain mobility
  • [7] ToastBoard: An instrumented breadboard to help debug circuits by displaying connectivity and voltage information both onboard and via a web client.
  • [8] Tony: Smart home lighting system enabling the future of home automation.
  • [9] Astute: Museum visitor path detection and analytics.
  • [10] CharmBits: Modular circuit wearables to teach children the basics of electronics.

Posters and Demos (layout)

We will have two more posters & demos:

  • [11] Masashi Takeuchi, Swarm Lab
  • [12] BioEngineering Capstone


Guest Judges


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