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flow - a smart shower water consumption monitor by Tim Lee, Jackie Leverett, Zach Wasson.
(Poster, Slides, Photos, Video1: Shower Request, Video2: Shower Timer)

Flow-poster.png Flow-ContactSheet.png

Flow group.jpg Flow metallic.jpg

Photos by Tim Lee

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büng - a barrel gauge for micro distilleries by Matt Visco, Justin Kay, Claire Tuna, Carson Schultz.
(Poster, Slides, Photos, Video)

Bung-Poster.png Bung-ContactSheet.png

PcbPhoto.jpg BungByNurbs.jpg

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Oculus Radiant Thermostat by Jeremy Faludi, Miguel de Joya, & Selin Kanyas 2013.
(Poster, Slides, Photos, Video).

Oculus-poster.png Oculus-ContactSheet.png

Closed head on 4--tweaked.jpg Thermostat open 3--sm.jpg

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Photos by Jeremy Faludi


Chamcha is a weight-measuring spoon that is linked to a recipe application on your smartphone. By Eric Xiao, Kate Hsiao, Aadi Singh Deo, Rahul Mehendiratta
(Poster, Slides, Photos, Video).

Chamcha-poster.png Chamca-ContactSheet.png

Chamcha p2.jpg Chamcha p3.jpg

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Chirp: by Lanssie Ma, Alvin Yuan, Kevin Tian 2013. (Poster, Slides, Photos, Video).

Chirp-poster.png Chirp-ContactSheet.png

P1.jpg P4.jpg

Photos by Lanssie ma.

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FuzzyLogic by Dylan Bethel, Fred Chasen, Derek Kan, Kate Rushton. (Poster, Slides, Photos, Video).

FuzzyLogic-poster.png FuzzyLogic-ContactSheet.png

Bear.jpg Blocks.jpg

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EnerGen by Sean Arietta, Kliulai Chow-Yee, and K. Shankari
(Presentation Slides, File:EnerGen poster.pdf, Team EnerGen Photos, Video)

Our goal is to build interactive devices that make it easy and fun to harvest energy passively from the users’ environment. The EnerGen system consists of top and bottom modules that can be paired at will. The top modules contain the energy sources, and the bottom modules contain the energy storage. This allows us to pair a small solar panel top with a small battery for a lightweight solution to quickly top off cell phones on the go, or to pair a larger solar panel with a larger, heavier battery for a solution that can be stuck to a window to harvest larger amounts at home. The EnerGen system also includes an interactive phone application that allows users to see all their devices, and their current battery levels so that they can see how well the devices are performing, and choose which device they are going to recharge from.

Energen-poster.png EnerGen-ContactSheet.png

Energen photo2.jpg Energen photo3.jpg

Photos by Kliulai Chow-Yee.

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Lightning Quick Reflex

Lightning Quick Reflex by Achal Dave, André Crabb, Lee-Huang Chen, Steve McKinley 2013.
(Poster, Slides, Photos).

Lqr-poster.png Lqr-ContactSheet.png

Lqr-cuff.jpg Lqr-chip.jpg

Photo by André Crabb.


OpenEmo by Orianna DeMasi and Jordan Kellerstrass.
(Poster, Slides, Photos, Video).

OpenEmo-poster.png OpenEmo-ContactSheet.png

Emo orianna1.jpg Emofront.JPG

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PECS by Joseph Bynoe and Michael Andersen
(Poster, Slides, Photos, Video).

PECS-poster.png PECS-ContactSheet.png

PECS-Chair.jpg PECS-FanBack.jpg

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