P 4 - Production Files Rev 1

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  • You should deliver a first revision of CAD files for parts you need to fabricate (PCB, Enclosure).
  • Show progress on your user interface.
  • Submit, on the wiki, a detailed work plan: What you have left to do, who will do what, when you will do it, and what your contingency plans are in case not all design choices work out or a machine goes down.

Final PCB and CAD design

  • Link to files where we can download your PCB or and CAD files. Put in requests

Include screenshots and describe any design issues or open questions you still have. The more concrete these questions are, the faster we'll be able to answer them.

Work Plan

A list of major steps you still need to take. Estimate the time it will take you for each step and make deadlines to track your progress. Assign responsibilities to individual team members. Plan time for ordering components and for shipping. At this point, if we don't have a part in the store in 141, you're better off ordering it yourself. Make a Gantt Chart if you feel this is helpful, or a spreadsheet. Also, list the biggest risks to successful completion and think about contingency plans.

How to submit

You know the drill by now:

  • create a wiki page called P4-TeamName.
  • Upload files to the wiki or add links to a repository, e.g., github.