Install Solidworks

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Install the SolidWorks 2013-14 Student Design Kit on your machine - you will need it for class on Monday.


  • Solidworks is Windows-only. You need either a Windows laptop, or Bootcamp, Parallels or some other way to run Windows on your Mac or Linux laptop. You are not required to use Solidworks in this class, but we will only teach Solidworks and cannot support other CAD software. Your alternatives include: Autodesk Fusion 360 which should be free to students. We also have Solidworks installed on our 3 lab machines - first come, first served during class.
  • You'll need this Solidworks installation info to fill out the registration form and to register your copy. (same login/password as readings)
  • You must have the software installed and ready to run before Monday 10:30am - we don't have time to troubleshoot your setup in class.