HW 4 - Solid Modeling

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Design a container no bigger than 5" x 5" x 5" that will house the Boarduino (that is 2.75" x 0.79" x 0.2"), the Mini Breadboard (that is 3.29" x 2.15" x 0.33"), and two AA batteries.

Note: An assembly with the Boarduino and Mini Breadboard is included for this assignment.

You're free to make the container look however you want. What's important is that it securely holds and protects your equipment.


If you are a complete Solidworks novice or an expert, you should pair up into novice/expert teams and solve this assignment together in groups of two. If you've had a little exposure to Solidworks but are rusty or aren't completely comfortable, you may also attempt this assigment on your own.

Included Files

Part Creation

  1. One of the group members will create the top of the container. The other will create the bottom. The two pieces must be shells and mate together cleanly with no edges protruding out at the seam.
    • You will use two 4-40 Pan Head Phillips Machine Screws to hold the halves together to form a solid container. You will need to extrude features inside of the halves for the screws to pass through and hold everything together.
    • Use www.mcmaster.com to locate 4-40 Pan Head Phillips Machine Screws. Once you find the screw, select the part number and download the CAD file (3-D Solidworks) from the site to use in your assignment.
  2. Create a part for the AA battery (simple cylindrical extrusion).


  1. Create a single assembly of your container with both top and bottom halves, the included Boarduino & Mini Breadboard assembly, two AA batteries, and the screws.
  2. The parts should fit securely inside and not be free-floating such that if someone dropped the container, its contents would not move around. You may need to create some geometry in your parts to mount or hold the internal components.

Other Notes and Details

Don't worry about creating any internal wiring between the battery and the breadboard.

Extra Credit

  1. Create a hole in the container to allow for the USB cable to connect to the Boarduino and mate the Boarduino USB port to that hole
  2. Add fillets to sharp exterior edges and modify ergonomics to make the container handheld
  3. Add a button to be able to push the reset button on the Boarduino


  • For this course, we are using Fabbit (fabbit.heroku.com) to submit files. Fabbit allows people to view STL files, manage versions, add annotations and comments to files and uses Dropbox for all its uploads. Go to the Fabbit website and log in with your Dropbox account. This will create the folder "App > fabbit_dev" in your Dropbox.
  • For this assignment you're working in teams so we suggest created a shared folder (eg: in Dropbox or Google Drive) that your team can work in. Once you are done, one of you can then copy the files into the Fabbit app subfolder in Dropbox (this folder cannot be shared between users due to Dropbox API limitations).
  • Once you've added your files to the fabbit_dev folder in Dropbox they will appear at fabbit.heroku.com. Then you go into the CS294 project folder and click the "Manage files" link to submit your files. You can check off the files you want to submit, and they will be added to the Project and thus submitted. You should see all your submitted files listed in the projects root.
  • You need to submit the Solidworks part files and assembly files, as well each STL versions of these (so that we can view them in Fabbit which only supports STL files). Generate STL files either on lab computer or with the eDrawings workaround.

For more detailed instructions you can see here.