P 8 - Final Writeup - Business Plan

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Write up a short business plan for your product. Follow the "SafeMote" business plan that Paul distributed in class, but include only one financial scenario: the "Most Likely" case. The entire document should be at most 10 pages.


A reminder of the SafeMote business plan:

  • Title page:
    • Product name
    • Team members
    • Mission statement (1-3 sentences)
    • Price (at retailers)
    • Cost (per unit - in years 1 and 5).
  • How your product works
    • High-level description of functionality from user's perspective and the technology/implementation of your device. Show photos, diagrams.
  • Intended Market
    • Who is the target audience? What is the size of that market? Is the market growing?
    • Potential scenario
  • Manufacturing Product Costs
    • How much will your product cost to manufacture? Determine Design and development cost, tooling, material costs, later costs, production costs, overhead.
  • Operational Costs
  • Structure of your corporation.
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Profit Model Spreadsheets with a single five-year "most likely" scenario.

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