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You'll give a short 4-minute presentation about your project between 3-4pm in 141SDH. You'll then set up a demo upstairs. Your demo should be accompanied by a poster.


  • You'll have 4 minutes.
  • Create a Google Presentation as before so we can run everything off a single laptop.
  • Assume the audience has NOT seen your project before. - this means you'll have to cover the basic motivation behind your idea (why do we need this product?), and perhaps a highlight of your user observation
  • Tell the story of how someone would use your device. You should now be able to revisit your initial storyboard and replace the envisioned product with the real thing.
  • Show a demonstration of a user interacting with your device and the UI working - one or more brief edited video clips that you narrate over are an excellent way to do this. But videos are also easy to lose track of - make sure you also include clear static photos or screen captures to convey key points. Use the tips for creating glamour shots you learned in class on 11/28. (Example of a glamour shot: Button glamour.jpg)
  • Give enough information so the audience understands the implementation of your product. For example, you can draw a diagram that illustrates what data is sensed, and how it is forwarded through various networks into a user interface (Example: H2io diagram bjoern.png ), and how data then travels back to the device. You can also show one or two key engineering details, e.g. a carefully chosen viewpoint of your solidworks model.
  • Give some evidence how well your device works - this can include informal user feedback or other testing you have performed ((Example: MozziyarEtemadiAgilent.jpg).
  • Be frank about limitations of your current prototype. Tell the audience what you did not yet do, and where you would go next (features not implemented, tested, etc).

General presentation tips:

  • Be visual!
  • Use all available space: scale your images "full bleed" from edge to edge


  • Think about how to best give a succinct, two-minute demonstration of your product. This will require a brief pitch that describes the motivation/problem and your solution, as well as some hands-on demonstration of your device's capabilities.
  • A good demo may require props - e.g., a planter for group H2IO or a Television set for Remoticon. Think carefully about what kind of props you will have to bring in.
  • You may have to distort time if your product would only be used sporadically, or simulate different conditions such as driving/stopping for CarPhD. This may involve playing back recordings of sensor data or having hooks in your application to manually switch between different modes.
  • We will give you a table, an easle for your poster and one power outlet. Prepare to bring additional power strips or any other equipment you may need.
  • Remember to charge your batteries and think about a contingency plan if you run out of juice.


  • Prepare a 30"x40" poster to advertise your product during the demo session. The poster will be on an easel right next to your table.
  • Feel free to start with one of our Powerpoint poster templates: File:CS294-84 Poster Templates.zip.
  • If you submit your poster before Friday 4pm, we will print it for you. Otherwise, you are on your own. We'll accept PPTs made from our template or correctly sized PDFs.

Your Submissions Here

Links to presentations

Poster submissions

If you designed in PowerPoint, archive your ppt(x) file as a zip file and upload the zip file. The wiki will not accept PowerPoint files.

Product Photos

Please upload two or three edited, high-resolution JPEGs of your project here. You'll already have these shots for the poster and presentation, but uploading them separately will help us show off your great work for future classes, media requests, etc. Add a caption and photographer credit - take a look at the 'Team Device Design' link below for an example."

Links to Videos

YouTube Playlist of all videos