P 4 - Design Iteration, CAD and PCB files

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More detail soon.


For next week, increase the fidelity of your prototype(s):

  • Electronics: Move away from breadboards: design a first revision of your circuit board or at a minimum solder a Protoboard. Also think about how you will power your device: standard batteries, rechargeable LiPo batteries, ..?
  • Enclosure: Design a first enclosure that can hold your electronics in CAD.
  • Software: We don't have a required deliverable here, but we encourage you to iterate on your mockups, and start translating some to HTML/Android.

The goal is to work towards a first device that you can then show to your target users and get feedback. We don't need a finished device by next Wednesday, but want to see some files so we can help you print the enclosure and fabricate a first circuit board.

Most likely, you'll find out that the first design is suboptimal or will not work for various reasons. This early deadline is supposed to give you enough time to find these problems, and remedy them before the end of the semester.

Grading Guidelines

This assignment is an intermediate check-in and as such the requirements are not hard and clear-cut. You will be evaluated on whether you've made concrete progress since last week.

  • Electronics: (6pt) Do you have a concrete plan and prototype for integrating the various components you need into a single system? Do you have either PCB files if you need a custom board or a hand-soldered protoboard? Have you thought about/described how you will power the device?
  • CAD: (6pt) Do you have a reasonable first model of your device? Does it either express the final desired shape or an intermediate, potentially larger shape that can hold your current electronics?
  • Writeup: (3pt) Does your writeup concisely explain the progress you've made?

What to submit

  • A description on the wiki of what you worked on this week, with screenshots / photos /videos that demonstrate progress.
  • Files in our SVN along with a README.

How to submit

You know the drill by now:

  • create a wiki page called P4-TeamName.
  • commit your code to SVN:

Turn in your code using the Class Revision Control System

Create a directory for your group for P4:

svn mkdir
berkeleyhci_devicedesign/assignments/p4/<teamname> -m "creating p4 group directory"

(all on one line)

Where <teamname> is a concatentation of your firstnames or usernames, e.g. bjoern-paul, or your teamname, e.g., ilabgroup. Just make sure we know how to map from the directory name to you.

Then checkout the directory you just created:

svn checkout
berkeleyhci_devicedesign/assignments/p4/<teamname> p4

Then add your files with svn add and commit them with svn commit.

Only check in your source files - don't check in any binaries. Feel free to check in images, but keep them <2mb each. Don't check in videos.