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This is an individual homework.


Design a Nintendo Wii-like controller that is no bigger than 2"x2"x6" that will house the Adafruit accelerometer (that is .75"x.75"x.12"), a Teensy 2.0 circuit board (that is 0.125"x1.2"x0.75") and two AA batteries.

I. Part Creation/Sourcing

  1. Create a top piece and bottom piece for the controller. Note: the two pieces should be shells and four (4-40) screws should hold the top and bottom together. You will need to do an extrusion to create the geometry for the screws to pass through inside of the shells. Use the hole wizard for the screw holes. The holes will need to be counter-bored so the screw sits flush with the surface.
  2. Create a part for the accelerometer (a simple extruded cube).
  3. Create a part for the AA battery (a simple cylinder).
  4. Create a part for the circuit board (simple rectangular extrusion).
  5. For the screws, use www.mcmaster.com to locate a Pan Head Phillips Machine Screw in the 4-40 size. It is up to you (based on your final dimensions) to determine the appropriate length. Once you have the length, you can select the part number and download a CAD file (3-D SolidWorks) from the site.

Note: To make sure your controller is user-friendly, you will want to add fillets to any sharp exterior edges. If you so choose, you may add ergonomic details as well (molded areas for the fingers, grooves in the sides to contour to a hand, etc.).

II. Assembly

Create a single assembly with all of the parts included and assembled. The parts should fit securely inside and should not be free-floating. This means you will need to create geometry inside the controller to hold the accelerometer, circuit board and two-AA batteries in place.

III. Drawing

  1. Create a dimensioned drawing for the top and bottom piece of the controller with overall dimensions. Do not worry about dimensioning small features inside. Include the front, right and top views in your drawings.
  2. Create a front, right and top view drawing of your final assembly.

Feel free to download and utilize relevant parts from http://www.3dcontentcentral.com/ to add to your assembly.

IV. Submission

Create a Wiki Page for this assignment

Begin by creating a new wiki page for this assignment. Go to your user page for one user in your group.You can get to it by typing the following URL into your browser:


Replace FirstName and LastName with your real first and last names. This will take you to the page you created for yourself when you created your wiki account. Log into the wiki, then look for your name on the top line of the page - clicking on the name will take you to your user page, too. If you have trouble accessing this page, please check that you created your wiki account properly.

Edit your user page to add a link to a new wiki page for this assignment. The wiki syntax should look like this:

[[Homework4-FirstName|Homework 4]]

Replace FirstName and LastName with your own name. Look at my user page for an example. Then click on the link and enter the information about your assignment. You should upload the files described below and describe any extra functionality you implemented and want us to review.

Write up your project on this wiki

On the Homework4-FirstNameLastName page you just created, write 1-3 paragraphs about your model.

  • Describe the strategy you employed to model the different parts and to fit them together.
  • Include images (exported or screencaptured) of your parts, the final assembly, and the drawing (How to include images).
  • Reflection: what you learned from this assignment (also let us know if this was too easy or too hard)

One you are finished editing the page, add a link to it at the bottom of the page with your full name as the link text. The wiki syntax will look like this: *[[Homework4-FirstNameLastName|FirstName LastName]]. Hit the edit button for the last section to see how I created the link for my name.

Turn in your code using the Class Revision Control System

Create a directory for you for HW4:

svn mkdir
berkeleyhci_devicedesign/assignments/hw4/<loginname> -m "creating HW4 directory"

(all on one line)

Where <loginname> is your svn username, e.g. bjoern.

Then checkout the directory you just created:

svn checkout
berkeleyhci_devicedesign/assignments/hw4/<loginname> hw4

Then add your files with svn add and commit them with svn commit.

Check in your part, assembly and drawing files (*.sldprt, *.sldasm, *.slddrw).

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Add your submission below this line.