HW 1 - Microcontroller Kit

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10 points. Due Wednesday, 9/5 before class

Completed Boarduino - Image courtesy of Adafruit


You will solder an Arduino-compatible microcontroller kit and verify that it works by uploading a simple program to it.


  • Once you are officially enrolled in the class and you have paid your $75 lab fee, you will receive a Boarduino microcontroller kit from us - it consists of a printed circuit board, components, a breadboard, and a USB-TTL cable.
  • Assemble and solder the kit following the Boarduino step-by-step tutorial. Make sure your board passes both the power supply test and the "blinking LED" test described in the tutorial.
  • Attend the Soldering Lab this week to pick up the necessary skills.
  • Install the Arduino IDE on your laptop and lear how to program your board with the USB-TTL cable. Become familiar with the Arduino program terminology by looking at some of the provided example code.
  • Modify the test example that blinks the on-board LED to convince yourself that your board works.

What to Submit

  • Bring your completed Boarduino board to class on Wednesday. Load a sketch that blinks the internal LED on pin 13 with a delay of 100ms on / 100ms off. Show the working board to course staff.