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From CS294-84: Interactive Device Design
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  • Your project will be completed in groups of three. Other group sizes (2-4) are possible for MEng or dissertation projects, but are discouraged.
  • Project technology requirements:
    • Must include custom 3D printed case or mechanism for your device
    • Must be interactive: include sensing and/or actuation circuitry
    • Must have some graphical user interface somewhere (doesn't have to be on the device)
    • Must communicate: either with your Phone,PC, tablet or the rest of the Internet - wireless preferred.
  • Project design requirements:
    • Must pick a concrete user group
    • Must solve a real problem or improve their life in some meaningful way (more fun is ok)
  • Project groups are self-paired: you decide who you'll work with.
  • One submission per team is enough.
  • To assist you in finding the right group, look at the wiki page on Project Ideas.