Video Recording Tools

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This page serves to list some tools and tips people have had success with for recording and encoding videos.


CamStudio is a good free screencast software for Windows. Download and install (administrative privileges required). Run CamStudio-Recorder and select from the Region menu the region you want to record. From Options, select "Record Audio from microphone". To select where the videos are stored, use Options->Program Options->Directory for recording.

The output file of CamStudio can be used directly, but will be relatively large/low quality. An alternative is to turn the video quality in CamStudio up to 100 (maximum), and then convert the output AVI file using another tool, such as:


Quicktime works well. File->New Screen Recording. You can record the whole screen or a selected rectangle. Save to various formats with File->Export.


recordmydesktop is probably the easiest approach, and it's packaged in all the major distros. To record just your application window, first run


in a terminal and click on your demo window to find the window ID. Then, run:

recordmydesktop --windowid <that window id>

record your video, and press Ctrl-C to stop recording.