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CS260 Final Project Presentations
Tuesday, 12/06/2011, 4-7pm
510 Soda Hall (+Hallway for posters)

Tentative Schedule:
Talks: 4-5:30pm, 510 Soda
Coffee, posters and demos: 5:30-7pm, Lobby outside 510


You will present your research results to the class and outside guests through a brief talk and a subsequent poster+demo session. Feel free to invite interested friends and colleagues!


Each group has 6 minutes: 4:30 for the presentation and 1:30 for questions. This time limit will be strictly enforced – groups should set up during the question session of the group before them. To enable this, unplug the video cable from your laptop before answering questions.

Test (and debug) your laptop video projection before presentations begin. Time spent fiddling with display settings will count against your presentation time.

You must bring your own display dongle if you are on a Macintosh.

Structure your presentation like a pyramid — begin with one-sentence statement of your research result. This will get everyone on the same page. Then, offer a short (e.g., 1 slide, 4 sentences) description of what you did and why you did it. Then, explain things in detail.

This presentation is short enough that you can write out everything you want to say long-hand. Do this! This will allow you to convey information efficiently and effectively. Read through it enough times so that you have it basically memorized, but not so memorized that you get flustered if you skip a word or someone asks a question.

Know your audience! You can expect that everyone in the class knows everything you learned in class. So, you don't need to re-introduce the whole field of HCI. A sentence or two to situate your work in the field is good, but spend the rest of the time telling us what you did.

When presenting, stand near your slides. And look at the audience.


Prepare a 30"x40" poster that summarizes your project. If feasible, bring a demo on your laptop/iPad/vending machine. You can start with one of the BiD lab Powerpoint poster templates.

For other reference posters and general poster design advice, see the UIST 2005 Poster Example Gallery.

If you upload your poster to this wiki by Monday, 12/5, 9am, we will print it for you on our poster printer. Otherwise, you are on your own. For posters that we print, please use a white background to conserve ink.

Submit your files here

Submit Posters

Upload your poster here. Create a file names (substituting group member names) and link to it as [[|Poster Lastname1 and Lastname2]].

Submit Presentations

Upload your presentation here. Create a file names (substituting group member names) and link to it as [[|Presentation Lastname1 and Lastname2]].