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CS260 Final Project Presentations
Wednesday, 12/06/2011, 4pm-6:30pm
510 Soda Hall + Lobby

Talks: 4-5:30pm, 510 Soda
Posters and demos: 5:30-6:30pm, Lobby outside 510


  • Bribecaster: Fighting Corruption Through Citizen-Reporting - Steve Rubin and Manas Mittal
  • Kinect in the Kitchen: Testing depth camera interactions in practical home environments - Galen Panger
  • BayScope: Evaluating Mobile Input for Collaborative Workspaces - Yun Jin, Hong Wu and Viraj Kulkarni
  • Automatic generation of step-by-step video tutorials - Sally Ahn, Peggy Chi, and Amanda Ren
  • Ghoti: Capacitive touch interaction prototyping for non-programmers - Valkyrie Savage
  • TeleKinect: Remote Collaboration using Body Gestures - Alex Chung, and DH Jung
  • A Compiler Translation Debugger Using Interspersed Code - Derrick Coetzee
  • The Triple-View Telepresence display for remote video conferencing - Apoorva Sachdev
  • Snippet-A Better Solution for Code Reuse - Jason Toy and Eric Lu
  • Crowdsourced Rotoscoping: Using crowd to make rotoscoping faster and cheaper - Ayden Ye, Suryaveersingh Lodha and Yin-chia Yeh
  • Live Tiles from End-User Mockups - Ali Sinan Koksal
  • Social Incentives for Diet Management - Rohan Nagesh
  • MeetingLibs: Guided goal and constraint specification for meeting scheduling - Vinson Chuong and Alice Wang
  • Call Your Grandma: Including Elder Family Members in Digital Communication Practices - Laura Devendorf and Shiry Ginosar

Guest Judges


Projects were made possible by Microsoft, which provided Kinect sensors and Google, which provided Android devices.