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CS260 Final Project Presentations
Wednesday, 12/08/2010, 3pm-5:30pm
306 Soda Hall + Lobby

Talks: 3-4:30pm, 306 Soda
Coffee, posters and demos: 4:30-5:30pm, Lobby outside 306


  1. NextDrop: An interactive voice response system to crowd source water availability information in regions with intermittent supply.
  2. Umati: A Mechanical Turk Vending Machine
  3. LiveLog: Allows user researchers to log incidents on a mobile device while they are shooting video footage of their observations, and embeds the log in the video for easy review.
  4. WordSeer: An interface for literature scholars to explore language use patterns in slave narratives.
  5. TreeBuilder: Automatic Phylogenetic tree construction for Spore creatures
  6. Puppetmaster: Architectural Patterns for Believable Crowd-Generated Animation
  7. Prodigies: Prediciting key users in online communities
  8. Class Forums: combines facebook with a stackoverflow-like forum to encourage students to both better their understanding and help others in classes.
  9. TouchVoice: A 2D-gesture-based touch instrument for performing traditional Indian music
  10. Crowdsourcing Creativity: Example-Centric Multi-Media Creation & Exploration Engine
  11. Deep Window – Virtual Reality with a depth camera
  12. Turk-o-Matic: a recursive, automatic system for crowdsourcing (almost) anything
  13. Calm Me Now: Exploring novel technologies and techniques for stress relief
  14. Discussion interfaces that support engagement with a diversity of opinions

Guest Judges