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Due: Friday, Oct 8, 5pm.

Your project will be completed in groups of two (other group sizes are possible but strongly discouraged). Project groups will be self-paired.

Use this Google Form to submit project groups.

One submission per team is enough. To assist you in finding the right group, look at the wiki page on Project Ideas.

Groups formed so far

  1. David Wong, Siamak Faridani -- OpinionSpace
  2. Anand Kulkarni, Matt Can -- Recursive distributed task design for Mechanical Turk
  3. Thomas Schluchter, Charlie Hsu -- Collaborative Video Annotation
  4. Thejo Kote, Shaon Barman -- NextDrop: Crowdsourcing Water Availability
  5. Kenzan Boo, Linsey Hansen -- TBD
  6. Brandon Liu, Richard Shin -- Crowdsourcing Animation - MTurk Backend
  7. Dan Lynch, Aaron Hong -- Crowdsourcing Animation - 3D animation frontend
  8. Aditi Muralidharan, Rachelle Annechino (not in this class) -- Stylistic similarity exploration
  9. Pablo Paredes, Matthew Kam -- Stress Management
  10. Bryan Trinh, Kurtis Heimerl -- Mechanical Turk Vending Machine

Single-person submissions

  1. Luke Segars - encouraging participation in online knowledge-sharing communities
  2. Krishna Janakiraman - Gesture interface for melodic phrase synthesis
  3. Arpad Kovacs - Visual diff for image pairs
  4. Drew Fisher - User interfaces for robot programming by demonstration