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You will meet as a group and complete a first plan that captures what your goals are, what each of you contribute to the team, and how you will work together.

Completing this assignment should take about 30 minutes.


Design almost never an individual effort. In this class, you will apply the user interface design, prototyping and evaluation skills you learn to a team-based project and will thus have to figure out how to best to understand, leverage, and collaborate with others team members who may have quite different learning and working styles from you.

Like all dynamic systems, teams have life-cycles. Thus, it is important to consider the types of strategies and tools leaders use to support effective functioning at a team’s various stages. When launching a team, we often spend time planning what to do and forget to establish how we want to work together to support our collective objectives. Collaborative planning is a framework designed to initiate a conversation that helps transition a team from individual orientations to that of a collective. It helps develop a shared understanding and accountability for how you want to work together to best leverage your individual preferences, strengths, and goals towards an innovative joint outcome. Your collaborative plan is a dynamic repository of your shared agreements that you can refer to and update as you learn more about each other and the project.

Credit: This assignment was adapted from Brandi Pearce's Team Collaboration Plan materials assigned in Prof. Sara Beckman's Problem Finding, Problem Solving class at UC Berkeley.


Identify one person in the team to act as the scribe. The scribe should copy the template below into a new wiki page and complete it during your discussion to capture your shared agreements.


Team Name

(Your team's name that starts with your group’s assigned letter)

Collaborative Climate

Discuss: A previous team experience you’ve had in which the team cultivated a strong collaborative climate.* What behaviors contributed to creating this type of team environment? Determine collectively the behaviors that are important to your team in building a collaborative team climate (Qualities of a strong collaborative climate: balanced communication within the team, thorough exploration and discussion of ideas, active reflection of team dynamics, interpersonal conflict managed proactively, risk-taking accepted and encouraged). Answer: Capture your collective understanding.

Individual Strengths and Learning Goals

Discuss: Your prior work experience and your learning goals for this course (use what you submitted for your course petition as a starting point – so far, only course staff have seen your answers. You may want to share them with your team members now). Answer: Capture your understandings.

  • Team Member 1: ...
  • Team Member 2: ...
  • Team Member 3: ...
  • Team Member 4
  • Team Member 5

Team Goals

Discuss: Your collective learning goals for this course. Answer: Write two or three sentences that capture your shared agreement.

Team Knowledge Coordination

Discuss: Any preferences for when you like to work, the types of technology you might use to coordinate communications between classes, your expectations for email responsiveness, and any constraints that might limit when you are available. Consider potential roles you might need to coordinate your work in class or between classes (scribe, contrarian, communication facilitator, project coordinator etc.). Answer: Capture your thoughts here.


Hand in Printout in Class

In addition to submission on this wiki, print your assignment and hand it in at the beginning of class on Feb 10. Only one printout per group is necessary.

Creating Your Group Assignment Page

Edit your group's page (which you created in the Group Brainstorm assignment to add a link to a new wiki page for this assignment. The wiki syntax should look like this:

[[GroupCollaborationPlan-Group:ExampleGroup|Group Collaboration Plan]]

Replace Example Group with your group's name. Look at Group:ExampleGroup for an example. Then click on the link and enter the information about your assignment - start by copying the template (click on "edit" for the template section, then copy and paste).

Add Link to Your Finished Assignment

One you are finished editing the page, add a link to it here with your group name as the title link. The wiki syntax will look like this: *[[GroupCollaborationPlan-Group:ExampleGroup|Group:ExampleGroup]]. Hit the edit button for this section to see how I created the link for the Example Group.