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From CS160 Spring 2014
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Final Presentations for CS160, the introductory UI design course, will be held on Wednesday, 5/7/2011, 2-3:30pm in the Banatao Auditorium, 3rd floor, Sutardja Dai Hall.

Posters and Demos will follow from 3:30pm-5pm in the 3rd floor atrium.

The presentations are part of Berkeley DesignFest 2014.


Directions to Sutardja Dai Hall, with Parking information

Google Map of Sutardja Dai Hall and nearby parking structures


Presentation Order


  1. Onomatopoeia *Onomatopoeia - StatThat Presentation
  2. Ninja Narwhals *Ninja Narwhals Presentation
  3. Laser Cats *Laser Cats - Gym Scribe Presentation
  4. KnockKnock *KnockKnock - KnockKnock Presentation
  5. PestoPasta *Pesto Pasta - Cluz Presentation
  6. Bearly A Group *Bearly A Group - Confluence Presentation
  7. Rad-ish Undergrads *Rad-ish Undergrads - Rad-ish Undergrads Presentation
  8. Jalapeño Jaguars *Jalapeño Jaguars - ListenUp Presentation
  9. IDEO *IDEO - CookBuddy Presentation
  10. CDC *CDC - Beat x Beat Presentation
  11. Melodious Minds *Melodious Minds - Melodious App Presentation
  12. Eclectic *Eclectic - myPracticer App Presentation
  13. Honeycomb *Honeycomb - Laze Presentation
  14. Deans of Design *D.E.A.N.S. of Design - CookEase Presentation
  15. QWERTY *QWERTY - Curtain Call Presentation
  16. Tech Transformers *Tech Transformers - WordTastic Presentation
  17. SurveyParrot *SurveyParrot - SurveyParrot Presentation
  18. Gnarly Gnomes (CM) *Gnarly Gnomes - TreadTracks Presentation
  19. FantasticFour (CM) *FantasticFour - FantasticFour Presentation
  20. Awesome *Awesome - Speech Tutor Presentation

Best Class Projects

  • Best Class Project: KnockKnock
  • Notable Class Project, Originality: Spartito
  • Notable Class Project, Visual Design: Melodious Minds


(Thanks to Aaron Marcus for the group pictures)