ProgrammingAssignment2-Brent Batas

From CS160 Spring 2013
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Design Notes

  • The color and size buttons are shown directly on the screen, while the Oval and Pencil brush types are nested inside the Brush Types menu. This is a decision of making the common case fast, since users tend to change colors and brush sizes more commonly than changing brush types.
  • Similarly, the Start Over button is nested within the Edit menu, not only because it is rarer (no need to put it directly on the screen), but also to reduce the chance that you accidentally press Start Over, thus erasing all your work due to a simple misclick, which is not so infrequent when it comes to using touch screens on mobile devices. I wanted to add a dialog to prompt a user "Are you sure you want to start over?" (yes or no), but I ran out of time.
  • The eraser is included as a "Brush Type" to make it clear that you cannot simultaneously use a pencil and an eraser, but rather, you use one or the other at a time.

Extra Credit

  • Different brushes. You can draw ovals or normal paths (pencil)
  • Undo. You can undo the last stroke (works with both oval and pencil). You can undo unlimited amount of times.


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