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Due: May 6th 1pm


In the final assignments you will incorporate the feedback from your pilot usability study as well as the feedback you received from the teaching staff to produce the final iteration of your interface design. You will then prepare:

  • a short presentation (3 minutes - this assignment)
  • a poster that describes your project (this assignment)
  • a live demo of your project (this assignment; on Wednesday 5/8)
  • a video of your project (Friday 5/10 Monday 5/13)
  • an archive of your final code (by Friday 5/10 Monday 5/13)

Using Pilot Test Results

You should use the results and conclusions of your Pilot Usability Test along with any feedback we (or your classmates) gave you on your earlier prototypes. You should fix as many of the problems found as you can, prioritized by UI severity. This is also your last chance to implement as much missing functionality as you can. At this point a user should be able to interact with the system naturally. The user should be able to use the UI to do more than just step through three rote tasks.

Please talk with us if you have questions or thoughts about the overall scope of your project.

Presentations (20 pts)

On May 8th you will present your final interface designs in person to the teaching staff and external judges in the Sutardja Dai Hal auditorium. Since we have 22 teams, your slot will be short: 3 minutes. Only one or two members from your group should present, but all members should be on stage. Because of time constraints, you cannot use your own laptop.

  • You must use Google Docs Presentations to prepare your slides.
  • You can (and should!) add video to your presentation by uploading it to YouTube - Google Docs can integrate YouTube clips.
  • Guideline: 6 slides if you move quickly, 3 if you don't.
  • Cover motivation (who wants to use your interface and why?), and give a demonstration of the final interface. There won't be time for the complete story. Focus on the needs of your users and the benefits your solution provides. Assume the audience will not have seen your project before - make the presentation understandable and compelling for them. Include at least one implementation challenge you overcame, or one insight from user testing (but focus mostly on the user). Do not tell us about details of how the UI changed from iteration to iteration - focus on the final outcome.
  • You must submit a link to your slides by Monday, May 6, 1pm so we can test your presentation. You can keep updating your slides until Wednesday.
  • If you use video, also submit a backup of your video files.
  • GSIs will be available on Monday May 6, 2:30pm, in 306 Soda for practice presentations.

Poster (15 pts)

  • You must prepare a poster as either a single PDF or PowerPoint slide that will print in a 30"x40" format (either horizontal or vertical).
  • If you use Powerpoint:
    • You can start with one of these templates: File:CS160 Poster Template (vertical), File:CS160 Poster Template (horizontal). They are only starting points - you have to decide on the final design and content of your poster.
    • Do not use any custom (non-standard) fonts in PowerPoint - we will not be able to install them on the machine we print from. Here is a list of Safe Fonts.
    • Use a white background so we don't run out of ink.
  • The poster should contain the following main headings:
    • Problem: what you addressed
    • Target User group: summarize the user group
    • Solution: describe your solution
    • Design evolution: show some diagrams indicating how the design changed.
    • Final prototype: what it does and what was missing (i.e., what future work should address).

EDIT: Solution and Final prototype sound the same. You can just have one of these sections, but make sure you have some statement about future work on the poster.

  • The poster should contain images that illustrate your interface.
  • Submit your poster file by Monday, May 6, 1pm so we can print your poster. Upload the file to the wiki. If we do not have your file by then you will have to print it yourself at a copy center of your choice. We will not cover the cost.

Demonstration (15 pts)

  • Prepare a live demo of your interface that course staff can test during the poster session.
  • Please make sure that your interface is in working order and ready to go for the demo. If your interface requires showing interactions between multiple users, bring multiple devices. (You can bring one device and a laptop with a emulator if you don't have access to multiple devices). If it requires some data in a database to be useful, make sure you enter enough realistic data.
  • Practice a demo "pitch" with your friends - you will only have a minute or two to explain the demo to staff and visitors. You should find a balance between demonstrating some functionality of your interface and letting visitors and judges try the application first-hand.


You must submit a presentation by Monday 1pm for your practice talks. You can edit this presentation until Wednesday.

Practice Talks

You can practice your final presentation on Monday - sign up for a Practice Talks slot


Link to Your Presentation

Add a link to your Google Docs Presentation and the poster below.

Add link and video source files to your group page

As a backup, upload video files you are using in your presentation to the wiki on your group page. We'll have these files ready in case the connection drops out during the presentation.

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